the cedros capital difference

our key differentiating attributes

our approach

Our process will proceed discreetly and efficiently, creating minimal disruption to daily operations. We recognize that a lengthy diligence process puts unnecessary stress on the business, and we will work to complete the acquisition within an agreed upon time-frame. You can trust that we will adhere to strict confidentiality standards throughout the process.

We will move things along as quickly as needed to ensure a successful deal, but slowly enough to ensure correct decisions are made when it matters most. Every transaction is unique, but our process involves a four-phase approach. We will define the best approach for a specific partnership in collaboration with the owner.

why choose cedros capital?

flexible & fair deal terms

We are interested in paying a fair price for the business and intend to work closely with the owner to structure the transaction to best meet their financial and personal objectives. This includes consideration of the owner’s tax planning and lifestyle interests

confidence & capital

You can be confident that we will maintain clear communication and offer a fair price to ensure a smooth transition that benefits all parties. Our commitments are made with clear and actionable intentions.

management minded

We are a skilled group of investors, entrepreneurs and operators with decades of experience growing owner operated, start-up, and family owned businesses. We acquire one business at a time and there is no pre-determined investment holding period. 

day-to-day management

We will assume management of the day-to-day operations of the company we acquire. One principal will lead our day-to-day management responsibilities after the acquisition is complete. This provides the owner with the ability to walk away from the business or to stay involved in a lesser role.

corporate social responsibility

We intend to embrace and endorse the highest of ethical standards in all business endeavors. In addition, we are interested in preserving or improving existing relationships with employees, customers and the community as we transition to the next phase of growth.

long-term value creation

We have no interest in short term cost cutting or “flipping” the business within 1 to 3 years. We are interested in making strategic management decisions focused on creating long term value.

Are you an entrepreneur seeking the best exit opportunity that also supports business growth?

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